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We know many of you have never experienced New Orleans before, so this event is great time to fellowship with fellow Niner fans and check out a few points of interest that the city has!  We purposefully spaced out our events to allow you time to try some great restaurants, listen to some awesome live music, and visit some historical and (dare I say) interesting sites.


  • FOOD.  New Orleans is known for its seafood and creole restaurants.  There are at least 20 different restaurants that are highly-recommended, some are a bit pricey and others are really inexpensive.  Check out this link to see some of the ranked restaurants within walking distance of our hotels.

  • COCKTAILS.  There are three (3) cocktails that are widely-recognized as New Orleans staples.  The official cocktail is the Sazerac and the unofficial drinks of the city are the Hurricane (served most places) and the Hand Grenade (served only at Tropical Isle locations on Bourbon Street). Also, New Orleans is one of the few major cities in America that has an "open-container policy" which means you can walk around in public with an open alcoholic beverage (just no driving!)

  • SWEETS.  Beignets (pronounced Bin-Yays) are French donuts covered with powdered sugar. Cafe du Monde is the most popular spot to grab a few with milk or coffee 24 hours a day! You HAVE to try it before you leave the city!  Other popular traditional dessert dishes in New Orleans are Bread Pudding, Pecan Pralines, and Bananas Foster.

  • POINTS OF INTEREST.  While Bourbon Street gets most of the headlines by night, there are plenty of great sites to visit that are within walking distance to our hotels including:

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